Inspired by the rich, royal history of tribes in Nigeria including Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and other neighboring tribes across the African continent, CITIZENS and Thieves is a perfect balance of peace and anarchy, panic, and security. It is a game that keeps you on your toes & leaves you in a panic at every turn. A game that can give you hope when all seems lost and can take it all away when you get too comfortable.

Really, you can never get too comfortable in this game. Why? Because comfort negates progress.

You play to represent your tribe and for the honor of being the Crowned Citizen of your people. On your quest to be the Crowned Citizen, you must win it all, and to win it all you must be calculated with your moves and ruthless with your decisions.

But winning isn’t always everything; you must be vigilant.

There are Thieves among you, and they want what you have. In this game, no citizen is safe and there are consequences to even the most calculated choices. You choose your tribe, design your path but fate deals you a hand.It’s up to you to reclaim your rightful place as the Crown Citizen. Aspire to be the best in your tribe and in the end when you win, your tribe wins.

Remember, you are a Citizen, and you are a Thief but so too is everyone around you.

The game CITIZENS and THIEVES (C&T) is the product of a short story
written by
Joseph Olakunle Akangbe at STEAL MASTA STUDIOS Inc.